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Why ANY Democrat Wins in 2020 - It's Just Math!

Everyone is wondering: Who can beat Donald Trump in 2020? But, spoiler alert: EVERY Democrat would most likely beat Donald Trump! Let me explain...

So to win any presidential campaign, one candidate must secure 270 votes in the electoral college. Now, here’s the 2016 map, and as you can see, Trump won 306 to 232.

2016 Map

And that seems like a big victory, but in reality, it was entirely based on just BARELY winning 3 states that almost always vote Democrat: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

2016 three states

But since it’s very unlikely that ANY democratic candidate would lose a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, the real 2020 question should be: which candidate would most likely win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And based on the math, the most likely answer is... ALL OF THEM!

Don't believe me? Here's a map of what the 2020 map currently looks like -- regardless of the candidate -- based on voting patterns, demographic shifts, presidential approval, etc.

2020 Map

The truth is, with the right candidate and message, Democrats have a strong chance of winning a landslide in 2020, but there is little chance that Trump -- with such a low approval rating in particular -- will be able to beat the electoral odds once again without an equally horrible candidate like Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Moreover, in 2016, an outsider business executive seemed like a fresh and interesting idea to many. But much like joining ISIS, some interesting ideas, don’t turn out so well…

And now that America has toyed with the idea of a Trump presidency, clearly the large majority of us feel nothing but the sort of shame you get when you wake up next to someone you swore you’d never sleep with, but you were drunk and desperate...

Waking up next to Donald Trump
Yet America doesn't even get paid at the end of this disgusting act?!

God I miss Barack Obama!
Remember "teleprompter Obama"? LOL

Also, you’d already been with a great black guy for 8 years!

And so you really wanted to spice things up with another dumb racist white dude with a small dick... We've all been there!

But the point is: based on the results of polling and 2019, when Republicans were trounced in congressional races across the Midwest, I definitely wouldn’t put MY money on Trump in 2020.

Please check out my video below, subscribe to my channel, and let me know what YOU think in the comments below,..

I’m Leo Ashe, stay angry my friends! #AlwaysAngry

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