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Do Democrats NEED a Moderate in 2020? NOPE!

Who can beat Donald Trump in 2020? Spoiler alert: Unless Hillary Clinton runs again, EVERY Democrat would most likely beat Donald Trump!

And since it’s very unlikely that ANY democratic candidate would lose a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, the real 2020 question should be: which candidate would most likely win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And based on the math, the most likely answer is... ALL OF THEM!

But Democrats are even MORE likely to win in 2020. Because in 2016, an outsider business executive seemed like a fresh and interesting idea. But much like joining ISIS, some interesting ideas, don’t turn out so well…

And now that America has toyed with the idea of a Trump presidency, clearly the large majority of us feel nothing but the sort of shame you get when you wake up next to someone you swore you’d never sleep with, but you were drunk and desperate, and you’d been with a black guy for 8 great years, and you really wanted to spice things up with another dumb racist white dude with a small dick. We've all been there!

Anyway, the point is: based on the results of polling and 2019, when Republicans were trounced in congressional races across the Midwest, I definitely wouldn’t put MY money on Trump in 2020.

Progressives should not be overconfident, but they ALSO shouldn't give an inch to anyone who says we need to nominate a moderate because they're the only ones who can plausibly beat Trump… BULLSHIT! These are talking points that Joe Biden and the Democratic establishment want you to believe, but it’s just not true.

So if ALL of the Democratic candidates are likely to beat Trump, then the REAL 2020 question should be:

1) Who is the BEST presidential candidate? AND

2) Who would most help Democrats retake the Senate?

And that is what I will cover in my next episode, where WARNING: I’m really gonna nerd out and meticulously analyze the only five candidates that have a REAL shot of winning the Democratic primary.

But until then… Please check out my video below, subscribe to my channel, and let me know what YOU think in the comments below,..

I’m Leo Ashe, stay angry my friends! #AlwaysAngry

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