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Has Trump EVER Read the Bible?

Updated: May 30, 2019

It's pretty clear that Donald Trump isn’t a conservative... He’s too stupid or senile to even have an ideology!

But even MORE obvious is that he’s DEFINITELY not a Christian:

Forget the fact that Trump is NOTHING like Jesus, that man ain't NEVER read the Bible!

For those as unfamiliar with Christianity as Donald Trump, "2 Corinthians" is ALWAYS pronounced "Second Corinthians".

This rule is consistent for EVERY book of the Bible, and is VERY basic knowledge that pretty much anyone who ever went to "Sunday School" should know.

Yet THIS is the man conservative evangelical Christians have sought fit to unite behind as their leader?

So, what do you think? Is the pathological liar and fraudster-in-Chief, with a porn-star third wife, a truly devout believer in the same Jesus that bull-whipped bankers?

Please check out my video below, subscribe to my channel, and let me know what YOU think in the comments below,..

I’m Leo Ashe, stay angry my friends! #AlwaysAngry

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