biden wasn't my 1st choice either...

but he's waybetter than trump

The case for

joe biden 2020

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by a bernie delegate



VIDEO CITATIONS (in order of appearance):

  • Ben Carson (CNN + CSPAN)

  • Dancing With The Stars (ABC)

  • Rick Perry - The Republican Presidential Debate (CNBC)

  • Obama's Biden Endorsement (Youtube)

  • The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

  • Gary Busey Interview (Fox All Access)

  • CPAC 2019 (CSPAN)

  • Trump Pandemic Briefing (MSNBC)


  • Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, for being INCREDIBLE human beings of brilliance and integrity!

  • Kevin MacLeod - Early Riser (outro song)

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“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” 

-- Thomas Paine